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An antidote for grim, sour, negative religion, in short reasons for smiles, peace and a calm deep faith,  a playful faith, a happy faith

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Jesus spirituality is here to encourage smiles and laughter, faith and prayer for "the joy of the Lord is

our strength."

yellow flower  , flor amirilloChrist standing tall rising into space by Planet Juipter,moon at left, cross at right

                                                                     Happy flowers                                      A child's view of Christ risen and                                                                              growing on rocky cliff                                           exalted into the heavens

Here Whimsy and Faith,
the Sacred and the Silly
are intertwined like the honeysuckle growing on the rose.

You Have A Destiny In God
     You have a destiny in God.  I do not know what it is.  Perhaps you are to be a great comforter going across the street to a widow, arthritic and nearly blind.  Perhaps you will go from house to house spreading cheer to the discouraged and lonely.  Perhaps you are to sow seeds of peace midst the angry, hostile, violent, and bitter.

     God may appoint you to gather into His Kingdom of grace the young, the bold:  bungee jumpers, skate boarders, and snow boarders hot dogging down an icy slope.

     Your destiny in eternity may be to spread glitter for the Milky Way, or to provide jokes for the Apostles in glory, or perhaps you will beat out syncopated rhythms for the multitudes gathered around God's throne upon drums the size of small towns.

                                         I don't know what it is, but

                You Have . . . A Destiny . . . In God.

A Sacred Life

I will Kneel in prayer.

I will rise in power.

I will let my spirit soar.
I will let my heart hear songs of faith.
I will let my eyes drink in the sacred page.
the sight of the cross above me,
the varied beauty of the world arround me.

Let us hold hands together. Let us do some good in this world -- teaching the children, helping the weak, or working for fustice.

Let us embrace Jesus Christ as Savior. Let us live, love, laugh, and become more than we were before. And when it is time to die, let me go on to God. For long ago, I found a home in tthe Lord.

I will kneel in prayer. I will rise in power.

. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. Theological Questions . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Did Jesus play as a child?
Did he share a joke with his disciples?
Di he savor his food?
Did he say grace wih a smile?
Did he delight in thee sunrise and sunset?


Iwe walked with closer to the Lord, would we smile more ? find jokes easier to remember? or notice the beauty of sunrise and sunset more often.

If we were closer to God, would we smile more?

If we were closer to God, would we be more patient with people?

If we were closer to the devine life, would we be more patient with ourselves?





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An antidote to excessive seriousness in religion --  positive, happy, Christ-centered spirituality.





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