Christ Exalted                  

   Spirituality of Jesus is viewed differently by different age groups.  Here is a painting representing "A Child's Vision of Christ Risen and Exalted."                   



     "A Child's View of Christ Risen and Exalted"  oil paint on artist board by Bruce Williamson 2010.



      The Spirituality of children is empowered by their imagination.  And for us of adult minds, we also can use our imaginations to form a picture of "Jesus Christ Risen and Exalted."

     While many believers think of the Resurrection of Jesus in terms of Jesus returning to physical life after his death upon the cross.  Actually, the Easter message "He is risen," means much more than he is alive. 

Jesus is raised and exalted into life in a eternal dimension.  We could say that Christ is more than alive, since he has been exalted to a new, higher level of eternal life. 

    In the painting here I was planning to do a quick study painting to work out the painting techniques of showing sky with both day time earthly sky, and the night sky of outer space.  Working quickly at first I measured off

the head of Christ and the length of his body and robe.  I knew the ratio of head height to body height was wrong, but just kept working.  To my surprise the figure of Christ came out with a child-like look.  That happened because the ratios are close to the ratios of head to body of small children. And now I like the look, and named it "A Child's Vision of Christ Risen and Exalted."

    In Holy Scripture Jesus Christ is spoken of as the Lord, that is, the ruler.  This term "Lord" was used in the ancient Roman society to designate the supreme political power on earth, which was Caesar in Rome.  By calling Jesus, Lord ancient believers were saying that Jesus Christ was the supreme power.  In a sense they were saying that earthly political power was secondary to spiritual life and power. 

   The spanish painter Salvador Dali created a unique painting of the last supper showing both the earthly Jesus at the table with his disciples, and at the same time through a glass roof can be seen am image of the cosmic Christ standing in the background. 

    My question for you is:   How would you imagine Jesus Christ exalted  as eternal Lord?