How To Contact God and Develop a Personal Relationship with the Father


Turn away from sin as best you can. Ask in prayer for help in living a better life.

Realize that God has created the earth and the whole universe. Therefore the Lord owns the air you breathe, the ground you stand upon, and the sun that gives light to the earth. It is all God's, and the Lord has a rightful claim upon you. Reverence, awe and faith are the correct attitude to take to the infinite and divine life that sustains us all.

The Lord has an infinite compassion and redemnptive love towards you and all of humankind. Out of his great love, God has sent his son into the world to provide us with salvation and eternal life.

In Jesus Christ God has taken upon himself all of our sin, guilt, pain and failure. He did this upon the cross where Jesus died.

"But God demonstrates his love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

Your part is to accept the acceptance of God. You do this by faith. Since God's love is redemnptive, the Lord does not ask you to try to save yourself, earn your salvation, or merit your forgiveness. God does all this for you in Jesus Christ..

Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Exercise whatever amount of faith that you have. Remember the encouragement of Jesus , "If you have faith like a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain go and be rooted in the sea and the mountain will move." Of course, God does not want you to move physical mountains of the geography. But whatever tiny amount of faith that you have is enough for you to move the mountain that keeps you from coming to God. These mountains of doubt, guilt, uncertainity, ignorance and sin are the ones that need to move. The Andes, the Alps and the Rocky Mountains are all where they need to be.

In a simple prayer of faith you can voice your acceptance of Christ in the privacy of your own soul. Here is a sample prayer that may help you. The exact words matter less. The intent of your heart is everything and is known by God.

Dear Lord,

In reverence and faith I turn away from sin, and ask for your forgiveness for whatever is wrong in my life. I accept your Son, Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. By your grace help me to face the challenges of life, and faithfully follow Jesus in my daily life. Please provide for me many chances to act with compassion and mercy towards other people. Help me to grow in my faith. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN

... ... . . The Christian faith is mostly On The Job Training. You learn it, by living it. .. .. . . ... And start to explore the Holy Bible and learn to undersstand the treasures that are within it. . . . . . .

Never forget that love is essential. Acts of loving compassion, service to others will all help you to grow in your faith. . . . . . . . Find emotionally healthy (but imperfect people) that are living out their faith and join with them in servce, fellowship and worship.

Embrace the spirituality of Jesus Christ. Continue in prayer.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Avoid a harsh, negative, judgemental attitude toward life. This negative approach will rob you of your joy. Learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy life. Give thanks to God for all your blessings.

In silent meditation sense the eternal presence of God. Listen.

.. . .. ... .. . .. . .that is how you contact God and develop a personal relationship with our Father in heaven and Jesus Christ. Keep you heart open for God to guide and bless you.


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A Faith I Believe    

    I believe God is above us, and with us all the time.

I believe God is the creator of all things -- earth and sky, sun and stars.

I believe Jesus Christ is light and life, and the window in which we can see  the    love and mercy of God.    In Christ Jesus, God is reaching out to humankind.

    In the cross of Jesus, God took upon himself all the pains, guilt, sin and failure of humankind. All of this God did as our loving Father.  He did this as an action of redemptive love  for us and all humankind.

   Jesus Christ as a powerful participant in the sacred life of God, which is everlasting, was raised and exalted above death.  In resurrected and exalted life Jesus was seen by His Apostles and many of his friends. 

   I believe God's Holy Spirit continues to inspire believers into service, witness, and to strive for justice and peace.  Above all we are to live the peace, we seek.

    While we may fail often to understand the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, still there is forgiveness and grace, and life beyond death for us in the eternal life of God.


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