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Frog and ducks are pretending that they are boating  .  Use your imagination.  It is imaginative play. 



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Beware of Mangos

Beware of mangos.

Beware of purple.

Be wary of eating mangos while wearing purple.

Beware of marigolds, too. For they whisper treachery in the night. And by all means, be aware of paranoxia, that creeping catarpillar of fear that is spooked by flowers and fruit.

Go Green, my ecology mascot, icon.  Inspired by "Go Green, " my grandson Tristan and I wrote the poem Go Green that is printed below

Go Green 

            by bruce williamson & tristan alpers

Hug a tree.  Kiss a whale.  Cuddle up with a polar bear.

Live green.

Pick up some litter.  Put living fish back into the sea.  Fall in love with an eco-system near you. Shampoo a squirrel.

Craving What We Do Not Need

Does my dog need a cell phone?

Does the bluebird in a tree need a karaoke machine to sing loud and free?

And what do I crave that I need not?

The pharaohs of old

wanted pyramids so bold.

They needed them not.

Tinsel and trinkets,

gizmos and gadgets

stuff that will rust,

and fluff that I must dust.

It must be an addiction.

It certainly is an affliction

to be buried under such stuff.

The Pharaohs would understand.

Sonnet to A Snoring Wife    by Sapo Guapo Del Rio, the high IQ frog

        When in my bed I lay a sleeping

         I woke startled by her loud snore,

         and my endeavor at sweet dreams reaping

         was lost in her roar.

         It was rhythmic like an oar rowing on a lake,

         still this was no pastoral scene, but a factory's racket.

         Would my touch her slumber unmake?

         How could I stand this racketry?

         But flesh is soft and spirit forgiving,

         so I'll not find fault.

         Let us ever be living,

         and let us not balk,

         when wrinkles become your lot,

         or my tinkle misses the pot.                                                                                                                                         

Governor Pig's Sense of Humor

      a true page out of Texas history

James Hogg,

big man, big ambition in a big state,


But do not think Governor Hogg

could not laugh or tell a droll story.

He had a sense of humor.

A second piece of pie he could not resist.

Nor could he resist the humor in his piggish name.

Two daughters were born.  He could not resist; He gave into temptation. 

He named those girls,

    Ima Hogg,

    Ura Hogg.



special notice:   All, so called, errors, typos, misspellings, glitches, and lame jokes, on this website are provided to build your self-esteem for certainly you will conclude "I could do butter than that myself."


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Board Members at Humor Luncheon Seminar                Working out creative differences


The Big Head for extra brain power                             Tulips are our most beautiful board member


koi fish underwater staring at camera

Our slippery board member -- hard to catch and his cell phone never works.






  The Honeybee Feeds Upon The Flower

Lord, as the honeybee feeds upon the flower, let me find a spiritual home where I may feed upon you and live.  A home for my time, gifts, and energy.  A home where I may taste, and always know that you are good.


Creativity & the Church

A Cannonball Into The River of Life

As an act of pure defiance
against all negativity,
let us smile for no reason at all,
sing an old hymn of faith, and
just plain stubbornly believe that
we're headed to a better place.

In the light of grace, let's be kind
to each otherr, and to ourselves.
Sing "Amazing Grace" for a verse or
two. Shout "Hallelujah!" with glee,
as if you had a rope swing on the
Tree of Life, and were doing a
cannonball into the River of Life.

Refuse to surrender your joy,
your faith, or your hope. 
Pray for blessings on others.
Laugh out loud. Tell a silly joke,
story. Kneel in prayer. Wiggle your toes in clover.

Seek the peace of God -- relax your body. Live lightly and refuse to overstress your brain. Let your faith be a bright, strong, & defiant joy -- that most folks cannot understand. Yes, "Hallelujah" ...
a cannonball ... into the River of Life. Amen.

Whales, Cactus, Honesty Love

Gracious God,
Grant us a new honesty before you.
In quiet moments, help us to concentrate upon your Son, your grace, your glory, and your love for the whole world.

You love the whale leaping in the sea,
     the butterfly feeding on the bhoneysuckle,
     the cactus growing in the desert sun.

And you love us -- succeeding, failing, sinning,
     serving, growing, faltering,
     and trying again.

Your love is much more than ours.
     Sometimes even when we pray we find it
     hard to move past our own egos and

Lord, We don't want to be eaten alive by our egos,
     saturated with selfishness.
     Neither do we want to pretend that we are
     persons without needs, wants, wounds, and

     We want to be real before you -- honest, not      
     artificial.  And we want to love You, and
     this world you have created.  Help our love
     to grow -- for You and for each other.

Suggestions for Lent:
Lent approaches. Lent is that traditional season before Easter-starting on Ash Wednesday, February 6, 2008-that Christians use to focus on strengthening their spiritual life. Repentance and sacrifice are often part of this focus.  For Lent you could...
1. Give up being grouchy, irritable, and
2. Give up old grudges, lingering bitterness, & pessimism.
3. Give up criticizing others, condemning others, and practicing judgementalism.
4.Give up gossip and slander-either telling or listening to it.
**It is probably wise not to give up coffee, chocolate & similar items while giving up being groucy, since body and mind are connected.
5. Add the Jesus Prayer to your daily routine.  It is "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner." Often the prayer is prayed in shorted forms, such as "Lord Jesus have mercy", or shorter still, "Jesus mercy", or simply "Jesus."
6.Learn some Bible. Read through one of the Gospels-Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Memorize a few Scriptures.
7. Clean up some messes. Practice picking up after yourself.
8. Compliment or praise 3 people daily wanting nothing in return.
9. Practice random acts of kindness & beauty.
10. Be more patient with people including yourself.

A Cookie Crumb Upon the Path
A little ant walked
upon a little trail
upon the little trail was
a tiny, tiny cookie crumb.
A tiny bit of a sugar cookie
completely blocked the little trail.

So the ant began to munch a bit,
and eat, and eat, and eat,
and soon the cookie crumb was gone.
In pain the ant began to moan,
"Oooo, I am overfilled; my stomach may
burst; I ate the whole of this sugar boulder that blocked my wide, wide path."

   -- a cookie crumb upon the path,
   -- a cookie crumb upon the path.

Dr. Einstien you need not be to see
the lesson so plain to see --
All things are relative to where you are upon the vast cosmic scale.  The tiny crumb was for the ant much to large a meal. 
And what for us is so large and hard is
for God only a cookie crumb upon the path.

    -- a cookie crumb upon the path,
    -- a cookie crumb upon the path.

The disciples asked Jesus, "Who then can be saved?"
Jesus answered, "With humankind it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

     -- a cookie crumb upon the path,
     -- a cookie crumb upon the path.

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