Key Teachings of Jesus Spirituality

Grace Is A Gift
Grace is not something you achieve like climbing to the top of Mount Everest. We do not earn or merit God's grace. It simply comes to us, and we accept it by faith.

Jesus said it simply, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God."

You Are Not Disqualified From Spiritual Life
No sin, no fault, no shortcoming that has been part of your life disqualifies you from spiritual life. God has made atonement for you through the blood of Jesus upon the cross. Your forgiveness is full, free and real.

The Essence of the Christian Life is a Relationship with Jesus Christ 

This relationship is one of reverence, discipleship, and service. It is about Jesus. Jesus with beard and golden halo

Religion takes many different outward forms. Different doctrines, rituals, denominations are the outward forms of the Christian religion. Some of them will annoy, confuse and offend you. It is important to realize these outward forms are not Jesus. Only Jesus is Jesus. The essence of the Christian life is a relationship with Jesus.

Love-Compassion Is The Great Commandment
Actions and attitudes of compassion toward others is  commanded by Jesus. By acts of mercy-compassion toward others, you will grow spiritually. In time practicing compassion will increase your understanding of Jesus spirituality. You learn by doing. The is the "on the job" training in Jesus spirituality. By doing this you are following Jesus. No amount of book learning or intellectualizing will equal acting with love.

Christ In You Is The Hope of Glory
Christ dwells within you spiritually. Human reform, will-power, or new techniques and strategies for living are not our hope. Our hope is within God. To be more specific, it is God working within us that is our great hope.  We become in Christ participants in the Divine Nature.

We do not live the Christian life.  Christ lives the Christian life through us.

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